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FAQ's: Couples Seminars


This Couples Seminar is said to be "a very powerful training and experience" by those who have attended in the past. It will give you an opportunity to spend time together connecting with one another while experiencing and learning new skills and tools for creating a relationship that is lasting and strong.  Whether you are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship before or after marriage -- you'll spend 2.5-days together in an environment away from the stressors and responsibilities of your lives to create the relationship or marriage you’ve longed for.

The Couples Seminar will help you individually and as a couple grow and improve your life and your relationship or marriage. You’ll learn 50+ amazing skills and tools to help you work through current and future issues while providing a safe and professional atmosphere that makes it easy and comfortable to create rich and lasting changes for your life and relationship. In over 20 hours of training you’ll recharge, renew, reconnect and restore your relationship in ways you never thought possible.

  • This training has a 94.5% success rate in putting couples in crisis back together
  • This training is certified by the State of Texas for Pre-Marital Education for those getting married

In this Couples Seminar you'll learn ...

  • Clarity on what you do and do not want in your relationship or marriage
  • About yourself and your mate gaining significant growth, love, intimacy & respect
  • Spot and stop what IS or COULD sabotage or destroy your relationship
  • Have a voice and be understood in your relationship
  • Communicate in your mate’s personality and love language
  • How to express your emotions, thoughts and needs constructively and respectfully so your mate wants to connect with you
  • Resolve Conflict in a respectful way
  • Create a ‘safe-place’ to fall in your relationship
  • Find hope & joy for your relationship
  • Create behaviors and habits that are loving and respectful in a relationship
  • Understand exactly what your mate needs and wants from you
  • Forgive and break free from the prison of unforgiveness, guilt and shame
  • Reach true reconciliation so you trust each other again
  • Create dreams, goals & fun together
  • Manage resentment, hurt, anger and fear effectively
  • Heal emotional wounds that block intimacy
  • Gain new hope and perspective as you find freedom from past hurt
  • Tools and Skills to function respectfully when things get tough
  • Create a win-win solution to meet each others core needs
  • Enhance your emotional and sexual intimacy so you feel loved and understood
  • Identify what is in the way of having love and respect in your relationship
  • How to stop hurting one another
  • Keep your relationship from dying and drifting apart
  • Understand your mate’s logic and emotions
  • Restore and renew trust, dreams and fun
  • Say what you mean and understand what you hear
  • 50+ simple relationship tools and tips

 …and more

We Provide Personal Attention 

This Couples Seminar gives personal attention to every participant. Although group sizes may vary, on average we have one Trainer for every four to six attendees so we limit the size of each Seminar. Participants attend on a first come, first serve basis depending on the date we receive the registration and deposit fee. If the Seminar you wish to attend is sold out, a waiting list is available by contacting us directly at

Who can benefit from this Couples Seminar?

  • Couples who are in a healthy relationship (married or unmarried) wanting to getaway, recharge or reconnect
  • Couples who are in an unhealthy relationship (married or unmarried) wanting clarity, restoration or renewal
  • Committed, Engaged or Newlywed couples wanting to prevent negative patterns and learn proven skills to create a strong flourishing relationship
  • Couples wanting to stop the cycle of divorce
  • Couples with infidelity, affairs and trust issues
  • Couples with communication and conflict resolution issues
  • Couples who have questions about long-term compatibility
  • Couples needing hope, restoration or repair
  • Couples who are struggling or in crisis
  • Couples who want to understand their mate/spouse better

A special message to couples in crisis:

It breaks our heart to see couples suffer. Sadly, for many they don’t know who to reach out to get help. They can’t imagine the slowness of 55-minute private counseling sessions being able to help them quick enough so they lose hope. They feel their problems are different so they lose hope. They feel they are alone in their struggles so they lose hope. They feel their mate/spouse will never change, so they lose hope. You don’t have to suffer this way.  If you have severe conflicts, fight, hurt each other or use harsh words – you just can’t make any choice but the best choice for your relationship and time is short because hopelessness can destroy even the smallest of connection. Good news, is we can escalate repairing and restoring your relationship in just three days with this Couples Seminar. We can provide you hope and teach you skills on repairing, reinvigorating and re-building your relationship in a safe and respectful environment. We can teach you skills on creating a lasting relationship with love and respect deeply planted within it.

Whether you’ve had couples counseling or training’s before or this is your first experience, this 2.5-day Couples  Seminar is a must and will greatly accelerate your hope – and progress! This Couples Extensive Seminar is often described as “transformational" and "life changing". And, Counselors and Ministers who have audited and attended this training say that it is equivalent to one year of one-on-one counseling in just three powerful days!

Where do we stay for the Couples Seminar?

  • See Location & Lodging for information on Lodging & Location for each training
  • A Friday and Saturday night Hotel stay is required to attend this Couples Seminar
  • Confirm early arrival or late check-out stays with the hotel of your choice, if needed

What are Meal arrangements?

  • Meals throughout weekend are on your own and at your own expense. 
    • Snacks: Many hotels provide a snack and beverage counter, contact them to confirm. If you need or desire anything else, please bring them on your own for breaks provided throughout training
    • Friday Dinner:  At your own cost, eat a sustaining meal before arriving for check-in
    • Saturday Morning: On your own and at your own cost. Eat a sustaining Breakfast before arriving
    • Saturday Lunch & Dinner: At your own cost.  Will break for lunch & dinner and provide you with Instructions
    • Sunday Break & Lunch: On your own and at your own cost.  Eat a sustaining meal before arriving
    • Diets:  If you need any special diet, please make your own arrangements

Are children allowed in the facility or in any session? No.  Though we understand the commitments of family, to keep your time away focused on you and as a courtesy to other couples, we do not allow those attending the Seminar to have any children in the Seminar or in the facility.

Who are the Leaders of this Couples Seminar? 

  • David & Amy Ensminger, Founders of Creating Intimacy & Respect, Inc.
  • A Leadership and Support Team of Skilled and Knowledgeable individuals assist the Ensminger's.

How often do you have this Couples Seminar?

Four times a year.  Because it is held only four times a year, seats are available on a first come, first serve basis by registering and paying the deposit.

Can we come and go in this Couples Seminar?

No.  Each exercise you learn builds upon the other and you will have missed what was important to achieve the results you are wanting to when you are gone.  In addition, it is disruptive to the class when individuals or couples come and go throughout the day. 

Each person attending has to be present for each day all day or they and their mate/spouse we'll have to make plans to attend another Couples Seminar.

Is this Couples Seminar good for couples struggling or separated?

Yes!  This Couples Seminar has a 94.5% success rate in helping struggling and separated couples get back together.  Although the Seminar has this proven and powerful success rate, it is great in providing clarity on what you need to do in the relationship.  

Is this Couples Seminar good for couples getting married?

Yes!  This Seminar is certified by the State of Texas for Pre-Marital Education along with the benefits the State provides with this certification.

Are the Facilitators Counselors?

The Facilitators are not Counselors, but we have Counselors in the training room.  The Counselors in the Seminar are NOT available for any one-on-one consultations they are there as Trainers.  Creating Intimacy & Respect, Inc. also has a Counselor on our Board of Directors available for feedback and direction.  David and Amy Ensminger have a combined 20+ years of certified Life, Marriage and Business Coaching and over 19 pertinent certifications related to helping individuals and couples.   



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